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Bucketlist: Buscalan, Kalinga

Yes, finally, I was able to reach Buscalan and meet Apo Whang Od. It’s indeed a dream come true – to be traditionally tattooed by no less than THE Whang Od. The decision to head there was very spontaneous – not much preparation, tbh. Although, I did a fair share of reading in the past, it wasn’t as the prepped trip like my other trips, but I came in prepared well enough. Lol! Note: Traveling to Buscalan is not for the faint of heart. You really need to…

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Didi’s Kitchen: Pancakes, Cheese Cake, Egg Boat and Fries

Whenever I am in Singapore, I see to it that I cook or bake or make something. It’s like a therapy to me, besides, the selection of ingredients are wide and very accessible (and affordable). I usually get my recipes online (or even on lifestyle channels on TV) and love to apply it in real life. Lol! Anyway, here are some of the recipes I did that you may want to try. Very easy to make. Enjoy! Banana Pancakes Healthy pancakes to save the day. All you need…

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New Year in Singapore

So I decided to fly to Singapore a week before new year. Fortunately, I was able to get reasonably priced tickets c/o PAL and on new year’s eve (day), I flew out of the country. There weren’t many people in the airport flying out. I guess, everyone has gone home (or has left) already. It was a good thing, too, that I didn’t have to deal with too much crowd on the day of my trip. I took the 10AM flight which means, I get to fly with…

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Eli’s Cover of All I Ask

Eli is my 3 year old niece and she loves to sing a lot. She’s the cutest baby everrrr (of course, I am biased lol!), and I love it when she performs. The running joke in the family is that I am going to make her the next phenomenal star (ala-Yaya Dub/Maine Mendoza), perhaps, 17 years from now. So I consider this as her on the job training. Haha! Well, on a serious note, we all noticed that she’s the complete opposite of her brother who is timid.…

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@feelingerangfoodie: The New Look

While I was about to hit the sack last night (after prayers and all), I suddenly had a realization: I needed to have a new profile pic for my Instagram account, @feelingerangfoodie. Kala mo ang lalim! I wanted something clean, like my blog’s new look. I want my IG handle to be seen rather than whatever image I have (my old PP was my photo against a random orange wall in Brooklyn lol!). When I started out my public IG account last year, my only intention was to post…

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Foodies Night Out: Cafe Enye

Been wanting to try out Cafe Enye in Eastwood ever since I heard good reviews about the place (and their food, of course!), but never had the chance to do it. So when @thefoodiestation  invited me to another event at Cafe Enye, I knew I had to go. Foodies Event It’s my second time to join such event for foodies/bloggers. I felt a bit more comfortable than the first time – prolly because I’ve met most of them. I was also glad to meet the others whom I…

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Bloggers Day at Lydia’s Lechon

I had the chance to join my first ever bloggers day event yesterday, 3rd December. I was invited by a fellow foodie-friend and (grade/highschool) class/batch mate, Reese as in @reese.withherspoon (but I’m so used to calling her Marianne when we were younger 😅) of @thefoodiestation. After several invites that I kept turning down (due to various reasons like my recent trip and other timing issues), I finally said “yes” to this event at Lydia’s Lechon in Pasig. I was a bit excited and nervous, tbh, maybe because I’m partly-introvert…

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Revisiting Singapore: October – November 2016

Finally, I am able to write this long-overdue post. It’s been a few weeks now since I came home from a month-worth of vacay in Singapore. It was sooo good to be able to visit again after 6 months – this time around as a tourist. You see, in the almost 4 years that I have lived and worked in SG, I didn’t really do much of touristy stuff (except for food). Well I did that the first few times I visited The Little Red Dot – as…

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R Halili Dental Center

We recently opened our dental clinic at the Katipunan area in Quezon City. For those of you who don’t know, there are a lot of dentists in our family (i.e. clan). We grew up giving importance to oral health, in as much as taking care of our general health. Our teeth have always been clean, healthy and in shape (and aligned, lol!). Meet Our Team Head Dentist Meet Dr. Rosa Ria Halili, our head dentist at R Halili Dental Center. Doc Ria earned her Degree in Doctor of…

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